Choosing A Wedding Venue

It has happened! You’re engaged to the love of your life. You and your fiancé have decided on the perfect day to have your wedding. You’ve announced it to your family and may have even posted the wonderful news on all of your social media profiles. Both of you are excited for the big day to arrive, but then comes the planning. The not so glamorous part leading up to your wedding. Of course, everything has to be perfect for you and you want to make sure your guests enjoy this special moment just as much as you do. Perhaps your main focus is the wedding venue. A beautiful Wedding Venuewedding venue that creates a fun an elegant atmosphere. A venue that incorporates all of the things you and your guests will love and enjoy.

Before you decide on the wedding venue, you most definitely want to know what they will provide for you and your wedding guests. What amenities are included. The capacity of the venue. However, there are many more questions to ask, to help give you the peace of mind that all of your needs will be met, with one less thing to worry about.

Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Wedding Venue

Asking the right questions before choosing a wedding venue will help you greatly in deciding on what wedding venue will best suite you. It will also help to ensure that there aren’t any surprise charges and can also assist in getting everything you need. These questions are in no particular order of importance and all should be considered or addressed before making your decision.

  • Is our day available? – This question, though obvious, will absolutely be a deal breaker if the day is not available. If you’re tentatively planning and have the month decided, you can ask what days are available in the month you have chosen.
  • Will other weddings be taking place on that day? – This may be a determining factor if you are looking for a more intimate wedding venue.
  • How many people can this venue hold? – You definitely want to be able to comfortably seat all of your guests.
  • What is the fee? – Also ask what is included in the fee, if there are any discounts for your tentative date, what is the deposit and payment plan.
  • Can I hold my reception and ceremony here?
  • How long will we have the wedding venue reserved for? How much do extra hours cost?
  • For outdoor venues, Is there a contingency plan?
  • Is there a dedicated space for cocktail hour?
  • Is there an on-site event coordinator and what is the breadth of their responsibilities?
  • How many parking spaces are available?
  • Is your wedding venue child friendly?
  • Do you have an in-house caterer and/or can we choose our own? – If you can bring your own caterers, ask if they are able to use the venue’s kitchen facilities. Also ask if the menu caters to those with dietary restrictions.
  • Can we move things around and decorate to our preferences?
  • Is the venue child friendly?
  • Is the venue handicap accessible?
  • Can your venue accommodate a band? – If you’re not using a band, do they have space for a DJ or do they have a sound system for you to hookup a device that plays music.

Of course, there are many more questions you will want to ask and many of these questions listed incorporate multiple facets.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

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