Outdoor Activities in Lisle

Outdoor ActivitiesEveryone that lives in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs knows that the weather can be extremely unpredictable, especially in the winter. These abrupt and constant changes make planning outdoor activities somewhat difficult. If you’re looking for something to do over the weekend, you have to study the weather reports intensely to be sure that the weather doesn’t change up on the day of your outing because that could alter the course of your day or result with you cancelling your plans.

Luckily, the Chicago suburb of Lisle has a variety of outdoor activities for you to enjoy regardless of most weather conditions and there are some that are particularly geared towards outdoor winter activities. Some of the most popular places to experience during winter in the Chicago suburbs include the Lisle Park District, The Morton Arboretum, and Four Lakes Snow Sports.

Four Lakes Snow Sports

Four Lakes Snow Sports is one of the premier winter stops in DuPage County for all the winter snow sport enthusiasts. Four Lakes has a variety of events and they change their hours on holidays to give you an opportunity to stop on by if your schedule is hectic. They also hold their Midnight Madness events throughout the winter at different scheduled intervals. Their annual SnoFest includes a day full of events and promotions.

If you’re inexperienced or curious about learning how to ski, Four Lakes offers lessons for those of all ages. The Ski Now Multiple Ski Lesson Program is open to individuals age 9 and up. This program is a 1-hour multiple ski program and is held at different times and dates. For more information on the times and dates, click on the link to learn more.

Lisle Park District

The Lisle Park District has the perfect sledding hill. This is a great place to enjoy the classic winter pastime with friends and family. For those unpredictable and unseasonably warm days, bring your kids to the Leask Lane Park. The Leask Lane Park is no ordinary park, it’s a “smart” park. Working with Biba, the park and the Biba app incorporate games that can be played in the park. This approach to parks will keep your kids busy by changing games to keep the fun going. This interactive game also works with markers at the park to unlock new content, activate mini games, and to reveal treasures when scanned. Leask Lane Park is sure to engage your kids.

The Morton Arboretum

One of the most talked about and visited places in Lisle is the Morton Arboretum. The Morton Arboretum is packed with year-round activities and events to participate in while enjoying the scenic and beautiful trees. Husky Heroes, which takes place on January 27th and 28th, 2018 gives you the opportunity to watch demonstrations of husky sled pulling and skijoring. Children and adults can visit the dogs and sled teams. This event is enjoyable in all weather and if there isn’t snow, the dogs can still pull the sleds on wheels.

The Enchanted Railroad is an indoor event and is fun for all ages. Watch more than 10 of these intricate miniature model trains as they make their way through magnificent scenery and wind through a two-level display of tree collections from around the world.

Another great activity for you and the family to enjoy at the Morton Arboretum is the cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Embrace the winter and take in the scenic 1,700 acres of the Morton Arboretum. This takes place if there is at least 4 inches of snow on the ground and rentals are available.

The Champion of Trees 10K Run doesn’t take place until April, but the Morton Arboretum has numerous paths you can utilize to train for the run and just explore the beauty of nature. The event itself has a variety of highlights that include a post-race party with live music, recovery food, a photo booth, and more!

The Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau

If you need assistance planning your day in Lisle or would like to learn more about other events in Lisle and its surrounding suburbs, call the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau today at 630-769-1000. You can also reach us at lislevisitor@stayinlisle.com.