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New Special Events Grant Program in Lisle

Lisle is searching for new family fun events in their downtown area!

June 17, 2014 –The Village of Lisle and Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau have partnered to establish a Special Events Grant Program, which will provide funding to organizations or groups who are creating new or enhancing existing community events in Lisle.

The goal of the Special Events Grant Program is to facilitate high quality, family friendly special events for the general public, attract visitors, increase economic vitality and reflect positively upon Lisle community. Funding is derived from the Lisle Convention & Visitor Bureau Rent Fund. Grants are limited to $5,000 per event.

A Special Events Grant Committee, composed of members of the Village Board, staff and community volunteers will evaluate grant requests and make recommendations to the Village Board, who has the final authority to award grants. The committee is chaired by Diane Homolka, Executive Director of the Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Lisle Mayor Joe Broda attended the first committee meeting and was pleased with the results. “This program will help us achieve a number of Board directives. High quality special events improve the quality of life for the community, a major goal of the Village Board. Engaging volunteers to serve on the committee reflects the Board’s directive to increase civic engagement opportunities. More than a dozen people have volunteered to date – the majority of members have lived in Lisle for more than seventeen years. Now that’s commitment and I thank them for their dedication and look forward to some strong results from this talented group.”

For more information contact Diane Homolka at (630) 769-1000 or