Start Your Spring off Right in Lisle

Things to Do in LisleIt’s that time of year where the sun shines longer, the breeze feels warmer, and the town is coming to life. After a long winter, it’s time to start this spring off right by enjoying the beautiful weather and partaking in some of your favorite activities. It’s also that time of year where historical places like The Morton Arboretum open the doors to new experiences and exhibits that the whole family will enjoy.

To kick the spring season off, The Morton Arboretum will hold the Troll Hunt event. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore the vast Morton Arboretum and take in all of its natural beauty. It also offers an exceptionally fun and exciting aspect for your children as well.

Besides this year’s Troll Hunt, The Morton Arboretum provides its usual experience that allows you to escape, bask in the serenity of nature, and to learn more about our environment. It’s also great for those that like to take long walks and cycle through a beautiful scenery that can’t be matched anywhere else.

Giant Trolls at The Morton Arboretum

Coming up at the end of spring, The Morton Arboretum will be taken over by trolls! No need to worry, they are the creation of Danish artist Thomas Dambo who is putting his art on display in his first ever large-scale U.S. exhibit. The fun begins when you are sent on a mission to discover these six larger than life trolls.

The Giant Trolls are just as curious and skeptical of us as we are of them. They are tasked with protecting the forest from human intervention and come equipped with nets and other contraptions in order to gain a better understanding of their new human world. Some of these trolls will be in plain sight, while others are hidden, just waiting for you to discover them.

Along with the fun of discovering the trolls and marveling at their sheer size comes a lesson about our impact on the environment and how it is our responsibility to be stewards of our environment and the world. The Giant Trolls are meant to be thought-provoking, mischievous, and larger than life.

A Journey of Discovery

May 7th through June 21st, you will have an opportunity to witness how the Giant Trolls are created. Thomas Dambo uses reclaimed wood to create these massive 15 to 20-foot-tall giants one by one. As protectors of the environment, these trolls are prepared to capture us in order to understand our nature. One troll has its trap set, just begging you to take the bait in order to study you. Another less obvious trap is a long rod held by one of these environmental protectors with a net dangling at the end tempting visitors to climb in to be captured. If you’re daring enough, you can go on a hunt of your own for the trolls’ habitat, tucked away from sight and waiting to be discovered by the curious and brave.

More in Store at The Morton Arboretum

This year is a particularly exciting one with so many events and announcements on behalf of The Morton Arboretum. This year’s Arbor Day Celebration is being held on April 27th and the Arbor Day Plant Sale runs from April 27th through the 29th. For the first time, the Arboretum will be holding a themed dinner at the Ginkgo Restaurant highlighting wine. This is a great opportunity to learn about wine and wine pairings and it takes place May 3rd, 2018. Looking to get your dog out? Great, because The Morton Arboretum has their Tails on Trials event taking place on May 5th and it offers all kinds of fun for your furry family member. Another event taking place at the Ginkgo Restaurant is the Mother’s Day Brunch being held on May 13th.

Learn More About the Morton Arboretum and Lisle through the LCVB

If you are looking to schedule a visit to The Morton Arboretum and any one of its events this spring and summer, contact the Lisle Convention & Visitors Center at 630-769-1000 today. You can also email the LCVB at