What is a CVB and What is Their Purpose?

Lisle CVBMany of us who have heard of or have seen the acronym, CVB, may be asking what does that mean? CVB is short for Convention and Visitors Bureau and they play a crucial, yet an often quiet role for your town and the various other towns they are located in. Even as a resident of a town with a CVB, you can utilize their services to gain vital information and learn more about your town. A CVBs sole purpose is to bring in and attract new business from out of town into their town or region. This includes individual travelers to conventions that are citywide. The CVB also acts as a marketing extension that has the resources to create public awareness and getting that event or meeting to take place in its town to feed into the economic engine of that city or region.

CVB’s are mostly non-profit organizations that represent their town or specific location. One of their many functions is to facilitate accommodations and other services for those looking to visit the town or region they represent. Having extensive knowledge of their region, CVB’s are the ideal organizations to get in touch with if you are looking to visit or hold a function in that specific region.

Why Contact the Local or Regional CVB?

Lisle CVBCVB’s are one of the best ways to gain access as a planner to an array of services and the CVB, in turn, becomes an extension of your planning team. When it comes to an event, getaway, or corporate meeting, having this access and support can help simplify the process and even find ways to help identify a plan or strategy that helps save money. A CVB is one of your best resources that will be available for you at every stage of your event or meeting.

CVB’s are the best first point of contact for any business meeting or event due to their qualifications and extensive knowledge of their town or region, their local expertise, and the relationships they have established with the regional businesses for marketing purposes. CVB’s are also the go for education about hotels, facilities, and attractions in the Lisle area. They will help you find the perfect solutions for your meeting in Lisle and they provide a plethora of complimentary conference services.

What You Can Expect for Free from the Lisle CVB:

  • RFP Distribution – A Lisle CVB sales manager will work with you to determine the appropriate hotels, meeting facilities and event venues based on the goals and requirements for your meeting, assist you in creating an effective RFP and distribute it to the hotels. We will follow up with them to be sure they are responding in a timely manner and intercept hotel questions, so you’re not inundated with phone calls and emails.
  • Site Inspection – When you’re ready to visit the hotels, Lisle CVB saves you hours of planning by establishing your itinerary, confirming hotel appointments and accommodations and arranging for on-site transportation. A Lisle CVB sales manager will accompany you, pointing out venues and attractions which may fit into your meeting program.
  • Meeting Event Promotion – The Lisle CVB can provide you with photos and copy for your event collateral as well as assist in publicizing your event.
  • Event Services – Lisle CVB can provide your attendees with customized name badges, table tent cards or be available for registration assistance.
  • Welcome Bags – We have plastic bags available for all your conference materials. Included in the bag are a Lisle Dining Discount card and a Lisle Visitor Guide, featuring an area map, shopping, restaurants and attractions.

Partner with the Lisle CVB Today!

Next time you are looking to plan an event or meeting in Lisle, IL, make sure to partner with the LCVB today to help make planning and setting up your next event as easy as possible. We can also help you save time and money as well, so you can focus on the things that matter the most. Call 630-769-1000 to learn more about our services.