Have you been tasked with coordinating the next company function? Are you the onsite meeting planner for your organization? As the corporate meeting planner, you know firsthand that there are many details and logistics to coordinate (in addition to your other job responsibilities, of course) to ensure that your company event goes off without a hitch.

Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau: We Can Help Make Your Company Meeting A Success

At Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau, we understand that even the most experienced corporate meeting planner can use a hand (or two) when convening the next client or employee function. That’s why we proudly offer our meeting planner partners an unparalleled range of service offerings. Working with us for your corporate gathering can help minimize the burden and ensure that you have a seamless and noteworthy function that makes a memorable impact on attendees.

Types Of Services We Offer Our Meeting Planner Partners

What can you expect when tapping into the extensive resources that Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau offers our meeting planner partners? First and foremost, we can help you pinpoint the best venue to host your function. Our staff will consult with you to determine what type of event you are planning as well as any specific destination requirements you may have. From there, we can help generate a list of the best hotels in our area that can successfully host your meeting.

Once we have zeroed in on the various venue options, it’s time for you to see them for yourself. Our team can help with that as well, we can give you a personal tour of all of our hotels so you can see exactly what they have to offer you and your guests.

Another important complimentary services that we provide our partners? Bid proposals. The LCVB can create a detailed bid that outlines room rates, facility fees and other resources based on your specific needs to ensure that you know the bottom-line of your function at all times.

Once you’re ready to get the word out about your function, the LCVB can start helping you promote it. We offer clients various marketing resources such as photos and copy to assist in publicizing any upcoming events. Whether you’re running an event with an open invite to the public or have a set guest list, we can make sure the right people know what you have coming up.

Best of all, when working with the LCVB for your corporate function, we make your event more than just a mere function…we can help make it an experience for your guests. We offer unparalleled insight into the sites and attractions in our region. We can help you and your guests find entertainment options, dining, shopping and even accommodations to ensure they can customize their visit itinerary from start to finish.

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