Hotel Promotions and Hotel Meeting Incentives

Hotel Promotions and Hotel Meeting IncentivesWhen you are tasked with finding the perfect location for your business meeting or venue, you are left with an abundance of options to choose from. As you begin to check your list of things needed for your business meeting, the choices become a little clearer, but you want to choose a venue or location that is going to go above and beyond.

Perhaps one of the factors regarding your choice has to do with convenience. Maybe it’s best for you and your fellow colleagues to hold your meeting close to a big city or in a town where you can go out for dinner after the meeting to unwind. Next, you are going to want to make sure your meeting space provides everything you will need. This may include:

  • High Speed Internet
  • Fine Dining
  • Complimentary Parking
  • Large Meeting Spaces
  • Conference Rooms or other Meeting Facilities

There are a variety of spaces that possess all of these conveniences, but the next question that needs an answer is: “How long is the meeting going to take place?” Is it going to be for a few hours on one day, are you going to hold several meetings that day, or is this an extended meeting that could last the duration of your weekend?

If your meeting is going to run for an extended period of time, then a hotel will be the perfect choice to hold your meeting. This ensures all of the attendees have a place to stay, meals will be easily available, they can workout after the meeting to maintain their routines, and you will have a sense of privacy, while not having to worry about driving home to turn around and drive back the next day.

Lisle Hotel Promotions

Now that you have decided on an appropriate venue to hold your meeting near Chicago, you have to find out the price of holding the meeting, for how many days, and what’s included in that price. Ultimately, you and your company want to save money while providing an informative meeting to exchange ideas and spending time away from the office.

Next, you have to tally all of the people attending the meeting and those that will need rooms in order to ensure you have everyone covered for your big meeting. This is where paying attention to the cost is important as you don’t want to go over your budget, but you want to be sure you are getting everything you will need to hold a successful meeting.

After you’ve done your homework, you have found the perfect hotels for your business meeting. They are near Chicago and in a town with a great night life and an array of things to do while not in that meeting. What’s even better about the hotels and town that you chose, are the hotel promotions.

What are the Lisle Hotel Promotions?

Through the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau, you are able to receive a discount or incentive for booking your meeting at one of Lisle’s three major hotels: the Hilton, the Hyatt Regency, and the Sheraton Lisle. The discount is 5% off of the master account at any one of the three hotels when booked through the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau. The requirements for the hotel promotions are:

  • Valid for new business only
  • Contract meeting between February 1st, 2018 – December 31st, 2018
  • Discount will be applied to the master account
  • Qualifying groups must book a minimum of 25 rooms
  • Booking representative must reference “It’s Worthwhile to Meet in Lisle” to qualify.

Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau Hotel Promotions

For more information about hotel promotions through the LCVB, give us a call today at 630-769-1000. You can also reach us via email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.