Looking For Fine Dining In Lisle? Look To The Local Hotels

Fine dining LisleIf you’re tired of the same old, same old dining experiences and want to try something fresh and new, look to the hotels in Lisle. The Hilton Lisle, Hyatt Regency Lisle, and Sheraton Lisle all have restaurants and lounges that are open to the public. That’s right, you don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy this fine dining in Lisle!

Visit The Award-Winning Allgauer’s Restaurant At The Hilton Lisle

First on the list is Allgauer’s Restaurant in the Hilton Lisle. This is fine dining at its best. For over 25 years Allgauer’s has been a hidden gem of fine dining in Lisle. The restaurant offers full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus every day of the week with a Champagne Brunch on Sundays. These meals are perfectly set off by exceptional service, fresh, high-quality foods, and an impressive wine list. The menu is best described as eclectic American and guests are treated to a sophisticated yet comfortable atmosphere. Allgauer’s is a family-run restaurant that makes you feel right at home.

Allgauer’s is an OpenTable Winner for 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. It won the Diner’s Choice Award for Best Brunch in 2014 and is the OpenTable Winner of August 2015 Diners’ Choice

In addition to regular restaurant amenities, Allgauers’ executive chef offers customized catering options and the hotel boasts the private Lake View Room, which seats 30 people and is perfect for anything from baby showers to business luncheons.

Elegance Prevails At Chatfield’s In The Hyatt Regency Lisle

If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated dining option, look no further than Chatfield’s at the Hyatt Regency Lisle. This restaurant is a local favorite for its perfect blending of flawless service and fine dining in Lisle. Fresh ingredients bring the varied menus to life. Comfort foods like chicken noodle soup sit right next to burrata and calamari on the appetizer menu while salads and sandwiches offer a lighter alternative to grilled rib eye or chicken carbonara on the dinner menu.

Chatfield’s is the place to be if you want to sit back, relax, and be pampered for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But it’s an even better choice if you can’t decide between, or want to mix and match, classic choices like a simple salad and more unique dining options like seared shrimp arrabiata.

Swing Into Entre Restaurant At The Sheraton Lisle Casual Dining At Its Best

Sometimes, you don’t need or want a full sit down, three-course dinner. If all you want is to enjoy some food while you focus more on the company you’re with, visit Entre Restaurant at the Sheraton Lisle. Entre offers light, seasonal, contemporary fare and an amazing selection of wine, beer, and spirits. It’s the perfect spot to unwind with a relaxing dinner with friends or to stop by for a quick bite to eat.

All Three Hotels Are Perfect For Late Night Socializing

If you’re looking for a place to socialize afterhours and want to avoid the crowds and noise that local bars can bring, visit any one of the three Lisle hotels. Each has a bar or lounge area that is open late into the night. All three serve food, have well-stocked bars, and space for individuals, couples, or groups. Big screen TVs dot the establishments too, if you just want a quiet place to watch the big game.

Visit the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau at www.stayinlisle.com to learn more about dining options, events and activities to do in the western suburbs of Chicago!