How To Evaluate Event Venues In Chicago Suburbs

The venue you choose in the Chicago suburbs can either make or break your meeting or event. The most important step in the planning process is choosing the right location among all the different event venues in the Chicago suburbs.

There are some obvious requirements that will guide your choice like room sizes, and then there are the less-than-obvious factors that could help or hurt your meeting or event, such as location and ease of access to the site. You may not even realize the role these factors play in the overall success of your event until it’s too late.event venues in the Chicago suburbs

Don’t let nasty surprises like that sneak up on you. Use the tips below to evaluate meeting and event venues in the Chicago suburbs and rest easier knowing you’ve done your research and made the best selection possible.

We’ve broken our tips into two easy-to-use tools that you can bring to every venue that you scout. These tools are:

  1. A site evaluation checklist
  2. A series of follow-up questions

Checklist For Evaluating Event Venues In The Chicago Suburbs

Collect this information from each venue:

  • Direct contact information for the venue’s sales manager or planner
  • Contact information for the event-day manager on-site
  • Coat check availability

(This is a must in Chicagoland.)

  • Room size and seating capabilities
  • Accessibility before the event
  • Storage for anything you may need to set-up prior to the event
  • Menus
    (A nice touch is printed menus to showcase the food or personalize with the name of your event.)

Deeper Questions For Choosing Meeting or Event Venues In The Chicago Suburbs

Follow-up questions can reveal information that affects your choice:

  • Parking

What type of parking is available at the venue? Will it be an open lot, valet, combination self-park and valet, or street?


  • Traffic

Traffic patterns may vary around the time of your event. Are there times of the day that are particularly busy and when are they? Are there alternate routes?


  • Local Events

Are there any area sporting or school events that may affect the traffic on the day of your event?


  • Layout

How many options exist for the layout of the space? What equipment or furniture is available?


  • Vendors

Do they have restrictions on vendors? Can you choose your vendors or do you have to work with contracted vendors?


These tools create a convenient, consistent summary of the event venues in the Chicago suburbs. When you get back to the office it will be much easier to compare “apples to apples” and determine which site is really best for your event.

When it comes to choosing meeting or event venues in the Chicago suburbs, preparation ahead of time can help make your choice clear and save you difficulty on the day of the event.

For more advice on choosing among meeting and event venues in Chicago suburbs, contact the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau at 1-800-733-9811.