C’mon. You know you want one. You’ve seen other folks ushered into first class, given the key to a hotel suite that’s a lot bigger than the one they paid for, or peel out of the rental lot in a way hotter car than the one they can afford.

I just finished reading an online article from Budget Travel called, Secrets from the Experts! It tells you on how top travel experts get upgrades. It was enlightening read! Fran Golden wrote about how to get your airline seat bumped up to first class and ways to get hotel room and car rental upgrades. http://www.budgettravel.com/feature/how-to-upgrade,8384/#ixzz2tEnpqM6t

Did you know that you are most likely to get a hotel upgrade if you travel during a low-occupancy time, such as weekends at business-oriented hotels? When vacant suites are available, the hotel may bump you up, hoping to impress you and gain future business.

Here’s a few more travel tips:


  • Looking polished helps but, a military uniform goes a long way!
  • Before you book the flight, you may want to consider trading in your frequent-flier miles for an upgrade.
  • One advantage is flying solo. Airlines try to put families together, and they may need your coach seat to do that. Chances are there’s only one empty seat in first or business class.

Hotel Upgrades

  • The time of day matters. It helps to check in later, once the hotel has a better handle on its occupancy for the night. If you arrive at 8 p.m. and their suites still aren’t full, they may upgrade you for free or for very little, since few new guests are likely to come and pay for them.
  • Befriend the bellman – if you tip well, you may end up with a free upgrade.
  • Mentioned the purpose of the trip during check-in – Valentine’s Day, honeymoon, anniversary etc. You just might be surprised!

Car Rentals

  • The cheapest rental cars tend to sell out first, leaving the company no choice but to upgrade you. That said, the check-in clerk may try to sell you an upgrade for a discounted fee. Say no. If they don’t have the car you reserved, they usually give you a better model at no extra charge. Arrive early in the day, before most people return their cars, for the best shot.
  • Join a car-rental company’s membership program, and you may get special offers for upgrades.
  • Search online for coupons.

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See you in Lisle!

Diane Homolka