Chicago Meeting Facilities: Pick The Perfect Venue For Your Corporate Event

Are you planning an upcoming corporate event for your Chicago-area business? You will need to coordinate a slew of details. From outlining the agenda to putting together the right guest list, you will find yourself tasked with all of the critical components that make up any successful business event. What is the biggest detail to consider when moving through the planning process? Finding the right Chicago meeting facilities to suit your specific needs.

Finding The Right Chicago Meeting Facilities Poses A Challenge For Many Planners

At the Lisle Convention & Visitors Center, we know firsthand that picking the best Chicago meeting facilities can pose a challenge for many corporate planners. With so many venues to choose from, zeroing in on the right location can overwhelm even the most savvy coordinator. That is why we offer a wide range of local resources and venue information to our local business owners; our extensive knowledge of the area, coupled with your specific needs can help us find the perfect Chicago meeting facilities for your event.

When moving through the planning process, it is important to consider some specific factors beyond the location to hone in on the right venues, such as:

Size Of Function: The size of your event will instantly screen out various Chicago meeting facilities. Having a headcount or at least a general idea will pinpoint the venues that can accommodate your entire group and eliminate those that prove too small or even to large.

Available Technology: Once you have the itinerary of the function outlined, you will have a good idea about the type of onside technology features you will require throughout the meeting. Will your staff require access to conference lines to reach outside branches? Do you need screens for presentation projections? Outlining the technology you will use will prove invaluable when zeroing in on your facility.

Food And Beverages: Keeping guests nourished makes for better attitudes and a more positive overall event vibe. Are you planning on bringing in your own food and refreshments throughout the meeting? Or will you want a facility with an onsite restaurant and catering option?

Out Of Town Guests: Will you have colleagues traveling to your meeting that will require overnight hotel accommodations? This could have a major influence on your final venue selection. Beyond the meeting room setup, you will also want to know room amenities to guarantee your guests have everything they need to conduct business as usual throughout their entire stay.

Setup An Onsite Visit To Make Your Final Selection

Once you have narrowed down your list of possible Chicago meeting facilities, you should contact each venue to schedule an onsite visit. Seeing the facility in person will not only help you understand what will and will not work for you, it will also give you insight on the staff at the venue as well. The point of contact will have a major impact in how quickly things get done; it is critical to know that you feel comfortable with the team you partner with to make your function a success.

If you are looking to coordinate a corporate meeting in the Chicago area, the team at Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau can help!

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