When booking a client’s Chicago suburb meeting venues, enlisting an insider can be a tremendous help. It can free a meeting planner’s schedule to work with their client on more pressing details.

It’s Good To Have An Insider On Your Side

When meeting planners work with companies in the Chicago area, it’s important to work with an insider when planning and booking your client’s venue. Here are 4 benefits of enlisting the help of an insider, such as the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau.

  1. They Have Established Relationships with Hotels:

The Village of Lisle has three very recently renovated, full-service hotels, the Hilton, Hyatt and Sheraton Lisle and the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau is very familiar with the hotels and hotel sales staff. Their direct relationship with these outstanding properties can open doors for you in Lisle, both figuratively and literally.

  1. They Know Specs Of Each Venue and They Can Inspect A Site, If Needed:

Because of their established relationship with the hotels in Lisle, the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau can locate meeting space, check for availability and establish room blocks. They can also arrange for hotel site inspections and familiarization tours. Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau sales staff make planning and implementing a meeting less time consuming and more streamlined. They can also give meeting planners access to services, promotions and value-added extras. The Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau can also provide complimentary conference services including registration help, welcome bags, name badges and transportation needs.

  1. They Can Distribute a Request for Proposal to Hotels and Act as a One Stop Shop:

The Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau will work with you to determine the appropriate hotel or venues based on your goals and requirements and assist you in creating an effective RFP and distribute it to the hotels of your choice. This can save you and your client company valuable time and money.

  1. They can Give Your Client’s Out-Of-Town Guests Advice On Where To Spend Non-Meeting Time In Chicago:

Your client company has taken care of what to do during the meeting or convention, but what is there to do after? The Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau can help! Depending on the time available and the interests of your client’s employees, the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau can provide suggestions on where to go and what to see in the Lisle area before or after the meeting. They will also provide you with visitor and shopping guides free of charge!

The Lisle CVB Helps Meeting Planners Work Smarter, Rather Than Harder

Working with an insider can take the frustration out of planning your meeting or convention in Lisle. Allowing the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau help you plan the logistics of your client’s meeting or convention frees you up to assist your client with more pressing issues.This not only makes you a more efficient meeting planner, but it will make your client happy.

Let us help you plan your next meeting!

If you are a meeting planner, be sure to check out everything the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau has to offer you.