The Road Less Taken: Alternative Team Building Activities

Team Building ActivitiesTeam building activities are a great way to develop comradery and enhance communication skills among fellow employees. These activities are fun, help with getting to know your co-workers better on a personal level and in the end, help you work better as a team on the job. A good portion of us have experienced team building exercises at one point in our careers, and I’m sure many of us can say they consist of the typical activities most of us would expect.

Some of the more common team building activities consist of the human knot, blindfolded exercises, the all aboard where every team member tries to fit in a confined space, and many more that we’ve experienced or watched on one sitcom or another.

However, if your workplace gave you the option of some unique, alternative team building activities, that may just pique your interest. What if your company chose team building exercises that felt more like a field trip allowing you to explore, creating your own art, or eating?

When it comes to team building exercises in Lisle, we have a variety to offer and most encompass unfamiliar territory that can be exhilarating, peaceful, and simply put, fun!

Lisle’s Team Building Activities

Lisle has a vast array of places for your company, business, or corporation to hold team building exercises. They provide great opportunities to get your fellow employees out of the office and experience new activities as a team.

The Morton Arboretum

The Morton Arboretum is a truly unique experience. It has so much to offer and enjoy that you and your team would find themselves hard pressed to not appreciate the beauty. It also provides abundant activities and exploration opportunities that can help your employees develop stronger bonds.

The Morton Arboretum gives your team the opportunity to learn about many different trees and their importance to the environment. That in itself can help your team develop a common interest and become more involved in helping around the office and their lives outside of work.

There are a variety of events as well, such as plays and Origami in the Garden. It also provides a great and historic place to hold corporate events, the Thornhill Building. This is a great change of pace from the typical corporate event or meeting, being surrounded by the outdoors.

The Room Lisle: Escape Rooms

For a truly exhilarating team building activity, The Room Lisle is a team building experience you won’t soon forget. Each of the three Escape Rooms offer different challenges that will require your employees to work together by communicating and solving puzzles. Collaboration and cooperation along with critical thinking are a must if you want to escape within the 60-minute time limit.

Einstein Room

The Einstein room starts with a scavenger hunt that leads you to the various challenges that await your team. The room itself is line with pictures and quotes of Einstein, that may be there to help or mislead. Your team will have to work together to find the clues, complete the challenges, solve logic problems and more to find the escape code.

The Gallery

The Gallery consists of 18 masterpiece paintings on the walls, some are forgeries and your team must discover the hidden codes and clues to find messages that will help in your escape.

Who Dun It?

The Who Dun It? Room is a gangster style hideout in the office of the boss. The boss has been assassinated from within his organization and you and your team must figure out who did it before they come back for you.


It may be almost certain you cannot think of clay and pottery without thinking of the song ‘Unchained Melody’, but ClaySpace has a great vision for everyone that takes on their classes. Creating work with glass or clay can bring great joy and accomplishment as you and your team start with raw materials and work toward the desired outcome, and that is completing your work of art to your vision. This can be paralleled with what you and your team of employees try to accomplish on a day to day basis at work, making this a great team building activity that can teach patience, and that hard work and determination can help you achieve your collective and individual goals.

The Art of Good Eating

It’s settled. A team building activity that involves making and eating your creation has to be the best team building exercise in recorded history! The Art of Good Eating is truly a one of a kind encounter that provides your team the opportunity to work together to create culinary masterpieces. Your team will have to learn techniques to create your own unique cuisine. Of course, you won’t be taking the journey alone as renowned culinary chef Tom Moskos will be there to teach and guide you. This is a great team building exercise that will teach your team to take direction with what may be unfamiliar to them and work together to piece their knowledge together to grasp the comprehensive big picture.

Team Building Activities with the Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau

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