Are you looking for the perfect venue in the Chicago area to host an event? There are so many factors to take into consideration: location, décor, room layout, lighting, and so much more. The venue truly has the ability to make or break an event. This makes choosing the right space more important than ever. How do you choose from so many different event venues? Below, we will share six things we recommend looking for in Chicago event venues.

#1 – Capacity
One of the first things you have to consider is how many people a venue can accommodate. You want the space to be big enough that there is enough room for people, food, entertainment, and more. However, you also don’t want the space to be too big. Being in a room that is too big for the size of event you are having tends to kill the energy and leaves people scattered.

#2 – Location
Location is another factor to consider when choosing between Chicago event venues. Is the venue you are considering easy to get to or is it complicated? Guests of your event will appreciate it if you choose somewhere that is easy to get to.

#3 – Parking
Few things are more stressful than arriving to an event on time, only to be made late because you could not find anywhere to park. If you want to make your event guest-friendly, choose a venue that has ample parking. Lisle hotels offer complimentary parking.

#4 – Layout
When you are scouting different Chicago event venues, be sure to pay close attention to the layout of the room where your event would be held. You can change a lot about a room – lighting, decorations, and more. However, you can’t change the layout of a room. Ask yourself if the layout will work for your event. Try to envision everything that will be taking place in the room to help you determine if the layout of the space is a good fit for your event.

#5 – Technology
One thing many event planners might not think about is asking if the venue they are considering has the necessary set-up for technology to be utilized at the event. For example, if the event is a conference or business event, they will probably need Wi-Fi and projectors and the like. Before checking out different Chicago event venues, try to determine what technology you could potentially need.

#5 – Décor
Décor is more important for certain events and less important for others. For weddings, the décor of a venue is a very important factor to the bride and groom (and their well-dressed guests). For conferences and work events, the décor is probably less of a factor. Regardless, it is good to make a note of the style that a particular venue has.

#6 – Lighting
Lighting really affects the appearance of a room. Not only that, but lighting has a way of setting a certain mood. Dimmer, warmer lighting is preferred for weddings, while brighter lighting is usually best for work events.

If you’re interested in finding great Chicago event venues for your upcoming wedding, family reunion, or social or professional event, contact Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau for more information.