Conference Center in ChicagoAre you currently in the process of sourcing a suitable Chicago conference center to host your next corporate event? Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau can help. We offer an extensive range of meeting coordination services so businesses of every size and scope can find the best Chicago conference center to serve as the designated venue for any given corporate function. Whether you’re scheduling an offsite meeting for internal employees or looking for a venue for a large, client function, Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau offers a comprehensive assortment of resources to help you plan for event success.


Know Important Details Of Your Event To Plan For Success

While the Lisle region touts an impressive assortment of Chicago conference centers, not every venue will make sense for your upcoming event. Carefully planning out a few critical details can help streamline the search process. Knowing (or at least having a rough estimate on) the total number of guests, the length of your session, the style of the convention and the date required are just some of the many ways you can make sourcing a Chicago conference center as straightforward as possible.


Choosing Wisely: What To Consider When Selecting A Chicago Conference Center

Once you’re armed with all the important details of your meeting, it’s time to begin the search! Keeping five important considerations in mind can help ensure that you have everything needed to keep your attendees relaxed and comfortable throughout the day’s activities. The first thing you’ll want to consider? The available size and space of the available room. You’ll want to base the size of the room you’ll need on the rough estimate of guests you’ll have for your function. Knowing how many attendees a particular room can comfortably house will help you determine if will give visitors the room they’ll need.

Privacy is also a major consideration for event planners choosing a Chicago conference center. Some facilities will host multiple events on the same day. How will that affect the attendees at your function? Asking about privacy approaches will reassure you that your attendees will feel comfortably secluded during the meeting.

Various room configuration options can also play a key role in selecting a Chicago conference center. Chances are you already have an idea of how you’d like the room set up; can your prospective providers turn this vision into a reality? Communicate with the venue liaison to make sure that they have the resources available to set your room up for optimal success.

Knowing the different types of technology accommodations available in your room can also make a major difference in the flow of the day. Many corporate meetings will require video conferencing capabilities; however, you may also want to consider other amenities such as flat screens, Wi-Fi, laptop chargers and other features to keep your guests connected at all times.

Finally, no matter what the duration of your function, providing refreshments of some sort is often a must. Breakfasts, lunches and even light snacks are just some of the food and beverage options you’ll want to consider when choosing a Chicago conference center. Knowing whether the venue offers onsite accommodations or whether you’ll have to coordinate with an outside caterer can make a major difference when deciding on your final selection.


Lisle Convention and Visitors Bureau can help make your next corporate function a smashing success.

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