Event planners are known for being extremely organized. The very nature of their job description demands nothing less. Event planners in Chicago carry a certain amount of pressure. Whether it’s a wedding, party, fundraiser, or corporate event,  someone’s big day is riding on the event planner’s ability to plan and oversee the details of the event well. We’ve all been to weddings where someone’s uncle ended up filling in as the DJ because the actual DJ went to the wrong address. Or maybe we’ve experienced a conference that was extremely unorganized, evidenced by sloppy production and unclear communication to attendees. In order to avoid these types of situations, event planners in Chicago are wise to take advantage of resources to help them stay organized, Below, we’ll list some of the apps that can help event planners in Chicago do their job well.

#1 – Wunderlist For Event Planner In Chicago

 At first glance, Wunderlist may look like your typical to-do list app. However, the beauty of Wunderlist is that it allows you to share lists so that you can collaborate on your event lists with co-workers. You can also communicate about the list with your team, using the comments feature. Wherever you are, Wunderlist updates your list in real time, allowing you and your team to stay in sync. Wunderlist also includes notification and reminder features, and is available for free on all of your devices.

#2 – Evernote

 Evernote is a popular app in many industries, but it can be especially useful to event planners in Chicago. Evernote can help you organize ideas and research. It provides a place for you to collaborate with your team on things like venue research notes, travel schedules, and more. You can write, clip web articles, and take photos all within the app, allowing you to have your project details with you wherever you are. The app can be synced across many devices in order to enhance teamwork and communication.

#3 – Eventbrite

 Eventbrite is an online paperless ticketing solution. It allows you to use your phone or tablet to check people in to your event by scanning the barcode on their tickets. This makes the event check-in process quick and efficient. Eventbrite also allows you to make a customized event page, sell tickets and merchandise, manage event registration, and track attendance.

#4 – Bizzabo

 Bizzabo is an app used both by event organizers and event attendees. Event planners in Chicago can create an event on the website, add the agenda and other important information, and promote the function with event marketing tools. Specific benefits of using Bizzabo include the ability to maximize attendee networking, inform attendees of important announcements, and measure audience engagement.

#5 – Hootsuite

 Hootsuite is an app that is used by over nine million professionals to manage social networks, schedule messages, engage audiences, and measure ROI. Hootsuite helps you to stay organized by allowing you to schedule messages for future publish on your social networks. It also includes analytics that help you determine the effectiveness of your social media efforts. Hootsuite also makes it easy to collaborate with your team members, which is important for event planners in Chicago.

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