Chicago Suburbs’ Event Venues: You’ll Never Know You’re Not In Chicago

Chicago suburbs event venuesSearching for event venues in Chicago can quickly become frustrating. While you’re guaranteed to find a location that can accommodate your attendance numbers, you’re less likely to find one that will also meet all of your other needs, like pricing and accessibility. Fortunately, the Chicago metro area is full of interesting and suitable venues. In fact, the Chicago suburbs’ event venues may even have more of what you need to make your event a success.

4 Reasons Why Chicago Suburbs’ Event Venues Deserve A Second Look

The Chicago suburbs are full of event venues that are worth a look as an alternative to sites in the city. The suburbs are diverse and thriving towns and small cities that boast equally as professional and high-class amenities as their big-city counterparts. Here are 4 reasons why the Chicago suburbs’ event venues deserve a second look.

  1. Affordability. There is no question that prices are lower outside the city proper than within the Chicago city limits, but there are also fewer add-on costs for your guests to incur. Taxes and parking fees will eat into your guests travel budgets and could very well impact whether or not they even attend the event.
  1. Accessibility. Though Chicago has an impressive public transit system, it doesn’t work for everyone. Depending on the time of day, it could be faster and less stressful for event participants to make it out to the suburbs from the airport than to get in to the city. Local guests will appreciate the area’s highway system, which makes it easy for drivers to get to and from the event site without facing inner city traffic.
  1. Unique Settings. While it’s true that Chicago makes a beautiful backdrop for an event, if you want something unique, look to the suburbs. The suburban event venues feature a little bit of everything. You’ll find everything from ultra-sleek and luxurious settings to casual, rustic venues and lots of space to enjoy them. Instead of a venue that is limited to the physical building you’re holding the event in, suburban settings often features outdoor spaces and amenities that will give your guests a place to relax and unwind at the end of the day.
  1. Right-Sized. The Chicago suburbs’ event venues are sized just right for events of any size, the exception being McCormick Place sized events! Some events just require the massive amount of space that site provides. Most, though, function perfectly well and even better in smaller, more intimate settings where attendees can mingle and get to know one another and not have to trek halfway across the venue to attend an afternoon lecture. Suburban event venues are perfect for business meetings and conferences, weddings, reunions, seminars, and more.

Look To The Chicago Suburbs For Event Venues That Will Wow Your Crowd

Location, amenities, affordability…we could go on and on about the benefits to be had in Chicago suburbs’ event venues, but we think the sites speak for themselves. Visit the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau at to learn more about hosting an event in the Chicago suburbs and come out to see what we have to offer!