Don’t Miss these Arts Experiences When you Stay in Lisle

If you’re on a weekend getaway or in town for business, Lisle, IL offers many avenues to get in touch with your artistic side. Try out one of the 3 activities below and create your own unique piece of art! Learn something new at one of the art centers/studios in town. A spark of creativity can add a nice break to conference meetings and seminars, or give your guests an opportunity to try something new and bond together in a shared experience.

Explore your Artistic Side

a man and a woman sitting at a clay spinning wheel

1. ClaySpace Ceramic Art Center in Lisle is all about pottery! Groups can learn about techniques in throwing and building clay pieces and delve even deeper into the medium by learning more advanced skills such as hand building, surface decoration, decorative practices, and glazing.

There is great joy in creating a new work in glass or clay, starting with raw material headed towards the desired outcome. The process of building the new work teaches patience, eases anxiety, and can show us a new way of being. Each creation in glass or clay sets in motion the maker’s energy which is then made permanent through fire. The end result is a physical memory that can last for generations, and visitors can enjoy a keepsake of their adventures in Lisle.

2. A combination retail shop and workshop space, The Collective lhe + Makery, located in downtown Lisle, add creativity to your life! Take a class on how to make a terrarium full of succulents, get lessons in drawing, do boho cool wave weavings and even try acrylic painting. The rustic-chic boutique also carries a curated selection of home décor plus hand-made items. Thecollectivelhe.comsix women sitting around a table showing artwork at the collective

Enjoy a break from sightseeing and your agenda for the day by taking a workshop while in town. Learn a new skill or more about yourself as you as explore an artistic medium to express yourself. Whatever you decide to make there are no limits to what you can explore, and so much to experience while you create your own special art. At the end of your trip, you will go home with a unique treasure made from your own hands and inspiration.

3. Creating a Cooking Experience with Guests – At North American Pizza and Culinary Academy in Lisle, Illinois, groups can have an opportunity to engage and interact with food on a more personal level. This state-of-the-art cooking school specializes in interactive education. The hands-on and demonstration cooking classes are led by dynamic professional chefs versed in all cuisines, and their pizza classes are led by a Master Instructor. The instructors also host hands classes for private parties, corporate events for team building and client appreciation events. five people sitting at a bar watching a chef make pizza

Turn team building and dinner into a single fun evening by cooking your own pizza! Relax with family or friends as you learn about what it takes to make a pizza and the steps needed to bring everything together, much like your event or vacation plans. Devise your own unique personality into a delicious creation. Just one more way to explore Lisle, and see what it has to offer.

Try Something New When you Explore Lisle!

More adventures like this await you in Lisle, IL. Contact us at the Lisle Convention & Visitors Bureau to learn more about how to entertain your next event with us!